Association Between Insomnia and Quality of Life: An Exploratory Study Among Software Engineers

ScienceDaily で紹介されていたソフトウェアエンジニアの間の不眠症の有病率


  • software engineers
  • aged between 21 and 45
  • working for a software company in Mysore


insomnia and sleep quality
-> Insomnia Screening Questionnaire

# 複数の “Insomnia Screening Questionnaire” が存在するのかもしれないが、 Google で上位にきたには次のもの

  1. Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  2. Do you have trouble staying asleep?
  3. Do you wake up un-refreshed?
  4. Do you take anything to help you sleep?
  5. Do you use alcohol to help you sleep?
  6. Do you have any medical condition that disrupts your sleep?
  7. Have you lost interest in hobbies or activities?
  8. Do you feel sad, irritable, or hopeless?
  9. Do you feel nervous or worried?
  10. Do you think something is wrong with your body?
  11. Are you a shift worker or is your sleep schedule irregular?
  12. Are your legs restless and/or uncomfortable before bed?
  13. Have you been told that you are restless or that you kick your legs in your sleep?
  14. Do you have any unusual behaviours or movements during sleep?
  15. Do you snore?
  16. Has anyone said that you stop breathing, gasp, snort, or choke in your sleep?
  17. Do you have difficulty staying awake during the day

quality of life
-> SF 36 Health Survey Questionnaire


  • 一般人は normal 77%
  • SEは normal 44%, mild 35%, severe 21%
  • younger engineers were more likely to be insomniacs than their older counterparts
  • more women suffered from mild insomnia than men
  • more men suffered from severe insomnia than women


Sara Sarrafi Zadeh, Khyrunnisa Begum. Association Between Insomnia and Quality of Life: An Exploratory Study Among Software EngineersApplied Research in Quality of Life, 2010; DOI: 10.1007/s11482-010-9131-5


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